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Autumn Bounty continued


Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather chestnuts

DSCF4418There has been a lot going on in the woods and hedgerows of my part of England this year owing to the beautiful Summer we enjoyed.   The latest  bounty for harvesting from the wild has been the sweet  chestnuts pictured here. Although a bit smaller then the ones on the supermarket, they are actually a size worth picking up this year – sorry squirrels but I think there were plenty left.


Equally beautiful but I assume not edible….


Spotted in the woods this morning along with lots of not so pretty relatives. Unbelievably bright colours!


Green tomato chutney


Looks pretty horrible but hopefully will taste good although it is not really for me as I am not a chutney fan.


What have I made this month?


I have been finishing things for Christmas presents this month including a double bed size ripple blanket which has been nice and snuggly to work under in t e evenings.


I have also made a star ripple for the first (but not last) time. This was fun to make and grew quickly. I think it will be a cool baby blanket.




Completed man socks. That makes four pairs made this year – one for me and three for presents. Wish I could make them a bit quicker 🙂



I also returned to the sewing machine after a long break. I haven’t got much money at present but I do have a large stash of fabric so I made myself a cheerful crazy bag and even made the button from Fimo which is my newest hobby. I love it when I get a fusion of crafts such as beading with quilting, and polymer clay with sewing.


The pattern for the bag was one I found online here: http://mypatchwork.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/tote-bag-tutorial  – thank you for sharing it.










I have realised that I have worked with a pretty limited colour palette for some years – nearly always drawn to pinks, purples, greys on the whole. My next project is one from Lucy at Attic24 and I am shamelessly going to use her colour choices for the Coastal Ripple blanket to force myself to use blues more. Check it out on her blog at Attic24. Here is a preview picture complete in its cute drawstring bag from Wool Warehouse. Admittedly I didn’t really need to buy the kit but is no dearer than buying the yarn separately and it is nice to have the pattern even though I know if off by heart now. I don’t think this one will take long to complete so watch this space.




Well that’s all folks! Next post will see us deep into Winter and almost at Christmas so see you later x



Winter is here – November ramblings


Ripple Blanket for Dad

I have been trying to get things finished in time for Christmas and am pretty much there now. I can’t post much yet in case the recipients see their gifts early but I can show you the blanket I have made for my lovely Dad as I know he will not see this blog.  It is  a single bed sized crochet ripple blanket which I have been working on, off and on, for the past six months.  I have told you before that I am not good at exercising restraint when it comes to colour:

For those who are interested, I used Stylecraft Special Double Knitting for this and a 4.5 mm hook.


Winter cooking

The colder weather has meant that we have been cooking and eating some pretty ribsticking food lately.  A gift of cooking apples has led to several lovely crumbles. I don’t really follow a recipe but usually chuck some mixed spice and sugar in with the apple and some oats into the crumble mixture. We like it with Birds Instant Custard – one of the few shortcuts I actually prefer to the real stuff.


As I took the above snap, I noticed a couple of other ingredients stood on my worktop: Marmite and Golden Syrup!  These two things are so iconic and irreplaceable in  my kitchen. I love the way they are packaged so much too and always hate having to throw the empties out; so much so, that I had a collection of syrup tins at one point until reason took over.


My newest toy is a pudding steamer which I will try in the next week or two. That is sure to aid the diet 🙂  I have fond memories of apple suet puds made by my Mum in the 70’s although I suspect that any I make now will not be as wondrous as the ones I remember.  Keep warm!