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Socks, socks, socks


Loving the 9 inch mini circular needles. In fact, I am slightly obsessed with sock knitting at present and have produced a few pairs this month. As much as I love my knitting looms, I have to admit that knitting on the mini circulars is a lot quicker and also a lot more portable.  I got loads done on train journeys this month and even some at lunchtime at work.

little prince socks (2)wigs socks 1blue stripy man socks

I do need to think more carefully about the number of cast on stitches as they are perhaps a little loose.  For anybody interested, i do not have one particular sock pattern I am using as I have kind of cobbled together my favourite elements for a ‘vanilla sock’. I can highly recommend the Fish Lips Kiss heel method as developed by SoxTherapist (see Ravelry).  Also, after trying DPNS and not liking them much, I have discovered how to do the toe decreases using two mini circulars. So basically I am well pleased with myself as I can now knit socks!


What happened in January catchup – bad blogger


I have been a neglectful blogger since the New Year so here is a catch up of things I have been up to in January and a taste of what I am planning for February.

I have completed my Coastal ripple blanket (see Attic 24 for details and Wool Warehouse to buy yarn and pattern).  Very pleased with it and it made me use a different colour palette.




I made a teeny tiny pair of socks on the loom for a teeny tiny pair of feet expected this month.


I have enjoyed watching my bargain Amaryllis unfurl itself from its cramped box and it has been magnificent and has now produced a second head of three blooms.  Funny story I heard this week involved non British folk eating  Amaryllis bulbs because they assumed that they must be food as they were on display in the supermarket. Was the little pot of compost not a clue people?


Here we have Ziggy proudly sitting on his newly aquisitioned crochet blanket as I realise he was slowly destroying the leather armchair.


I made some Crocodile bootees for the tiny feet and a strange pointy hat with the remnant yarn. Patterns are on Ravelry (not my own) – Pinwheel hat and Crocodile Stitch baby bootees.




Another snap of the glorious Amaryllis which will remain uneaten and my lovely dinky little narcissus which are bringing early Spring into my kitchen.



Projects for February

I have been a crocheter as long as I can remember. I was shown the basics by my Nan and an Aunt when I was a child. I have never really taken to knitting however although I know the technique (basics) and have made a couple of small things in the past.   Lately I have been remembering how my Nan would knit socks in double pointed needles and though I would have a go at brushing up my skills a little. This is also because I am not sure I should make any more crochet blankets for a while after the two on the hook right now are complete.  I have about a third of a Cosy blanket and the same of a multi -stitch stripey blanket underway.




So… knitting practice so far…


Targets … stop dropping stitches and count more carefully.  But I did achieve a whole knitted sock which fits and only has a few unimportant mistakes.



Tah Dah…   will make a second one soon.

See you in Spring (survived another Winter)  – can’t wait 🙂