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Autumn Bounty continued


Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather chestnuts

DSCF4418There has been a lot going on in the woods and hedgerows of my part of England this year owing to the beautiful Summer we enjoyed.   The latest  bounty for harvesting from the wild has been the sweet  chestnuts pictured here. Although a bit smaller then the ones on the supermarket, they are actually a size worth picking up this year – sorry squirrels but I think there were plenty left.


Equally beautiful but I assume not edible….


Spotted in the woods this morning along with lots of not so pretty relatives. Unbelievably bright colours!


Green tomato chutney


Looks pretty horrible but hopefully will taste good although it is not really for me as I am not a chutney fan.


What have I made this month?


I have been finishing things for Christmas presents this month including a double bed size ripple blanket which has been nice and snuggly to work under in t e evenings.


I have also made a star ripple for the first (but not last) time. This was fun to make and grew quickly. I think it will be a cool baby blanket.




Completed man socks. That makes four pairs made this year – one for me and three for presents. Wish I could make them a bit quicker 🙂



I also returned to the sewing machine after a long break. I haven’t got much money at present but I do have a large stash of fabric so I made myself a cheerful crazy bag and even made the button from Fimo which is my newest hobby. I love it when I get a fusion of crafts such as beading with quilting, and polymer clay with sewing.


The pattern for the bag was one I found online here:  – thank you for sharing it.










I have realised that I have worked with a pretty limited colour palette for some years – nearly always drawn to pinks, purples, greys on the whole. My next project is one from Lucy at Attic24 and I am shamelessly going to use her colour choices for the Coastal Ripple blanket to force myself to use blues more. Check it out on her blog at Attic24. Here is a preview picture complete in its cute drawstring bag from Wool Warehouse. Admittedly I didn’t really need to buy the kit but is no dearer than buying the yarn separately and it is nice to have the pattern even though I know if off by heart now. I don’t think this one will take long to complete so watch this space.




Well that’s all folks! Next post will see us deep into Winter and almost at Christmas so see you later x



Oh no, it seems to be Autumn already


Well I don’t know what happened to Summer as I was all prepared for my two weeks off work, planning picnics and ice-cream, reading and crocheting in the sun but,,, instead we have a chill wind and rather too many showers for picnic comfort. Nevertheless we hit Dartmoor yesterday for some fresh air, exercise and a rather windy picnic.


We also have an abundance of blackberries in the hedgerow which are begging to be picked and taken home as well as a promising supply of sloes this year. Must remember to take a pot f0r picking every time I go out.

So, I have admitted defeat and embraced Autumn pursuits which has meant more baking, the first soup making of the season (lovely warning lentil) and even my first real foray into home wine-making. This a supposedly very easy Orange juice wine but I have plans for the blackberries. Will report back again on the wine front when things happen.



I have been testing recipes in my new cookbook (Sweetness and Light) but to be perfectly honest, the results have not been brilliant. I have few pictures as they were not photogenic and barely edible in many cases which is more than a little disappointing. The one which wasn’t too bad was Apricot and Ginger cake but it needed a lot more liquid added than the recipe asked for and still came out of the oven very dry.  This is a pic of the Banana bread which was a bit of a heavy brick.



To keep him indoors (who is not keen on my so-called healthy baking) happy, I made a quick Cherry Cake and I report that that went down well.



On the crafty front, I am getting socks finished slowly (not sure about the colours of this pair) and also working on some granny squares which I envisage making a throw with a cosmic theme.







That’s all for now folks.

Catch up needed


I have been neglecting this blog. Life has just been getting in the way of blogging but I have still been busy making and baking.


In the last few months since Christmas I have :

  • finished the man socks which were dragging their heels a little (ha ha I will laugh at my own joke as I don’t expect you to)
  • started socks for Christmas presents but only done one of each so far as I am trying to avoid the boredom of the second sock seeping in
  • started a circles into squares crochet blanket
  • started another ripple
  • made an Easter chicken
  • baked various cakes: apple, carrot and lemon drizzle as well as flapjacks- nothing earth shattering but delicious all the same.
  • planted many seeds: sweet peas, nasturtiums, tomatoes, mange tout, cosmos, various beans and morning glory.
  • discovered Artisan Bread which has now become the OH’s speciality
  • made soups and pizzas – various flavours

Here a few snaps of the works in progress and/or finished and I will try to be a good little blogger and get on here at least once a month this year.


artichoke, leek, rosemary and stilton pizza (unbaked and baked)

DSCF4110  man socks complete 🙂







Artisan bread








Minestrone soup – lovely





Random half pairs of gift socks:

DSCF4128 DSCF4129 DSCF4130


I will post some pics of the crochet projects soon but they are still on the camera at present.

September creations


Well I have been on a bit of a crafting frenzy in the past month or so. I feel the ‘gifting season’ rapidly approaching and so have been trialing a few things which may become gifts. These have included woolly crochet hats, loomed socks, shawls and one of my favourites, a fish for keeping plastic bags in! The weather has turned pretty grim here so there will be long evenings when the only consolation is that I can crack on with crafting plans.

Here is the first hat which has already been taken by my man to match the scarf I made him a few years ago (I mislaid the yarn for a while) and modeled by a rather furtive looking Ziggy-dog. It is crocheted in a rib stitch and I used a tweedy wool called RY Classic Yarns wool tweed which I have had stashed for a few years. 


I have also been playing with some crochet fingerless gloves which I think will be great for my freezing office this year and also as Christmas presents for the ladies in the family. The yarns are, respectively, Stylecraft Merry-go-round and King Cole Glitz which were both lovely to work with. There are many patterns for these kinds of gloves and the concept is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

DSCF3966 DSCF3969

I found a lovely fun pattern on Ravelry for this useful quirky fish who now hangs in my kitchen, I think I will make more of these too.  Look for ‘Fishy the plastic bag keeper’ by Sharon Maher if you want to make one of your own!


Last, but not least, I completed a loomed shawl made from beautiful yarn (Rowan Creative Focus worsted). I wish I were brave enough to wear shawls in public but it really isn’t a common thing were I live and I feel a bit daft. Even so, I love it and will probably use it to keep warm this winter when I am reading in bed. The pattern is ‘The Artists Palette Shawl’ by Renee Van de Hoy, again on Ravelry.


Right that’s all for now folks as too much typing means no woolly things being finished and I am told that Christmas is coming! Bye for now.

Early September as August whizzed past.


I am late with this month’s post, It has been a strange month of family illness and other troubles as well as a poignant trip back to my old home town to visit some old school friends.  It was for my school friend that I made the quilted hanging I am showing you here. She deserved something special and unique just like her so I came up with this.  I knew she loved hearts and pink and purple so that is what she got….


The patchwork was paper pieced on the sewing machine and then I hand quilted the whole thing.  This is a detail of one of the blocks:


I feel the need to get on with items for Christmas so at present I have loomed socks on the go, a mystery loomed shawl,  a ripple blanket and a few smaller items.  I needed a quick item to make last week as I was waiting for the next clue in the mystery shawl I am working on so  I found this pattern (To the Point shawl – available on Ravely – designed by Cheri McEwen) which took me three evenings. I rather like it but nobody wears shawls in my stomping ground and I am not brave enough to stand out from the crowd,


I almost forgot about the other little shawl creation designed by the clever Renee Van Hoy and, once again, available via Ravelry and which came off the loom last month – it is a Wingspan shawl and was a fun pattern to make:


There is a strong sense of Summer being over now so I guess i will be getting lots of time to snuggle on the sofa and finish some things off. I am also going to make sure I harvest seeds from some of my lovely plants in the yard this year such as these gorgeous poppies:


Back in a week or two with hopefully some more finished things.

Sea Dragon scarf completed


I am very pleased with this scarf shown below being modeled by my doggle. I deliberately made it fairly short as I wanted it go in the gap of my coat rather than being long enough to dangle in the soup 🙂

adjusted adj2


The pattern is Leafy Sea dragon and it is available on Ravely and is for loom knitters. It is an excellent pattern so many thanks Renee Van Hoy

Loving the loom


I am really getting into this knitting loom malarky!

Last weekend I completed my second pair of socks and they are getting better – I only dropped one stitch and I definitely finished the second one in a much neater fashion than the first. I am trying to master the Kitchener stitch for finishing the toe and to a n0n-knitter it isn’t coming easily.  

Anyway, here there are complete with feet:


This sock thing is addictive but am now having a go at a scarf mainly because I have an urge to use this particular yarn I stumbled across which comes in such lovely arrays of colour. It is great fun watching the different areas of colour unfold as the scarf grows. The yarn is Monsoon by James C Brett and the pattern is Leafy Sea Dragon and is available on Ravelry. Here is progress so far:

sea dragon

One sock – thank goodness I am not an octopus


I have completed one sock. I am proud of my one sock despite its various imperfections. It is my first sock and imperfections are to be expected. Nevertheless, it is a much loved sock. I am now working on a companion for ‘first sock’ and am very glad that I only have two feet (which is actually more then the average number of feet on a human you know, think about it!). Here it is:


sock glorious sock


I have also completed the very bright small blanket I made for no reason other than a) I liked the block and b) I had some very loud but nice yarn from the John Lewis sale:




I think I mentioned it in a previous post but just in case, the block is Firenze by Julie Yeager and you can find it via the Ravelry website.