Monthly Archives: July 2015

Here comes Summer – fingers crossed


I have been a bad blogger again.  In my defence, I have been very busy being a wage slave but also busy creating crochet items as well as the usual cooking explorations.

I have decided that it is time that I explored Etsy and Folksy as a seller – this is mainly because I love creating things but cannot possibly keep and wear everything. It is a little experimental as I do not think that I really have the time required to participate in all the marketing and photography which is no doubt essential to realise success on these sites.

Anyways, my little corner of Etsy is called PlymouthMaid too so please take a look.

Here are the items I am beginning wth:

11756940_10152921592981820_2144686347_o 11768749_10152921592396820_192025248_o 11760528_10152921591061820_119135896_o

Well, I will now wait and see what happens and add other items as I make them,

Other news: it is nearly a year since I made blackberry and elderberry wine so I think, during my annual leave in August, it will be time to bottle and sample it and also harvest berries again i hope.  We seem to be having a strange Summer again with a few hot dry days and a lot of overcast gloom.

I am hoping to try out two new to me recipes shortly so will report back on those next time – am intrigued by red lentil quiche crust and sweet potato brownies.