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Winter is here – November ramblings


Ripple Blanket for Dad

I have been trying to get things finished in time for Christmas and am pretty much there now. I can’t post much yet in case the recipients see their gifts early but I can show you the blanket I have made for my lovely Dad as I know he will not see this blog.  It is  a single bed sized crochet ripple blanket which I have been working on, off and on, for the past six months.  I have told you before that I am not good at exercising restraint when it comes to colour:

For those who are interested, I used Stylecraft Special Double Knitting for this and a 4.5 mm hook.


Winter cooking

The colder weather has meant that we have been cooking and eating some pretty ribsticking food lately.  A gift of cooking apples has led to several lovely crumbles. I don’t really follow a recipe but usually chuck some mixed spice and sugar in with the apple and some oats into the crumble mixture. We like it with Birds Instant Custard – one of the few shortcuts I actually prefer to the real stuff.


As I took the above snap, I noticed a couple of other ingredients stood on my worktop: Marmite and Golden Syrup!  These two things are so iconic and irreplaceable in  my kitchen. I love the way they are packaged so much too and always hate having to throw the empties out; so much so, that I had a collection of syrup tins at one point until reason took over.


My newest toy is a pudding steamer which I will try in the next week or two. That is sure to aid the diet 🙂  I have fond memories of apple suet puds made by my Mum in the 70’s although I suspect that any I make now will not be as wondrous as the ones I remember.  Keep warm!