Early September as August whizzed past.


I am late with this month’s post, It has been a strange month of family illness and other troubles as well as a poignant trip back to my old home town to visit some old school friends.  It was for my school friend that I made the quilted hanging I am showing you here. She deserved something special and unique just like her so I came up with this.  I knew she loved hearts and pink and purple so that is what she got….


The patchwork was paper pieced on the sewing machine and then I hand quilted the whole thing.  This is a detail of one of the blocks:


I feel the need to get on with items for Christmas so at present I have loomed socks on the go, a mystery loomed shawl,  a ripple blanket and a few smaller items.  I needed a quick item to make last week as I was waiting for the next clue in the mystery shawl I am working on so  I found this pattern (To the Point shawl – available on Ravely – designed by Cheri McEwen) which took me three evenings. I rather like it but nobody wears shawls in my stomping ground and I am not brave enough to stand out from the crowd,


I almost forgot about the other little shawl creation designed by the clever Renee Van Hoy and, once again, available via Ravelry and which came off the loom last month – it is a Wingspan shawl and was a fun pattern to make:


There is a strong sense of Summer being over now so I guess i will be getting lots of time to snuggle on the sofa and finish some things off. I am also going to make sure I harvest seeds from some of my lovely plants in the yard this year such as these gorgeous poppies:


Back in a week or two with hopefully some more finished things.


About plymouthmaid

Oooh how to decide what are the most important things to say about me? That is hard. Is it what I do for a living? (Teacher of Maths, English and ICT). Is is my age? (nearly 50 boo hoo). Is it my family? (2 grown up lovely girls, an other half, Marley the daft spaniel and the rest of the family to numerous to mention). Is it my many hobbies? (patchwork and quilting, crochet, beading, gardening, cooking, poker, walking, digital scrapbooking, computer forums). You can be the judge as I don't know where this blog will lead as I am totally new to the blogging world but wanted somewhere to post some recipes I am developing..

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