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Summer?? My first crocheted shawl and some rather dodgy brownies!


Is this Summer?

This past few weeks, on my days off work,  I have been mainly in the back yard fiddling with my plants as the sun deigned to shine for a few days. I only have a back yard but I do pack a lot into it as you can see. When I ran out of pots to plant and things to deadhead, I sat outside with either my crochet or my sock loom or my kindle and just enjoyed the sun as we have seen so very little of it in the past year.


My first shawl

In the gaps when the rain returned I decided that it was time to make my very first shawl. I don’t know why I felt the need to do this as I have never worn one in my life, know nobody who wears them (in fact have never seen a real live person wearing one other than on TV). I just loved the look of some of the patterns I saw on the ‘net and so dived into my wool drawer to see what I had enough of. Anyway this is the result and I really like it. I may need to make more although I still don’t know if I will be seen out in one. Maybe it is time to embrace my inner crone….



If you are interested in the pattern, it is called Alpine Shawl by Christina Mershon and is available from Ravely. I only changed it a little by doing extra rows and changing the border suggestion.

… and dodgy brownies

I also made some brownies for my lovely elder girl’s 25th birthday (by request from a Sainsbury’s Magazine recipe) They were ok but there are most definitely better brownie recipes out there in the world so I won’t bother sharing the details but they were White Chocolate, raspberry and cream cheese brownies and did taste better than they looked:


I have another small quilt project on the go at the moment and will share that in a month or so. Enjoy whatever Summer you are getting 🙂