Loving the loom


I am really getting into this knitting loom malarky!

Last weekend I completed my second pair of socks and they are getting better – I only dropped one stitch and I definitely finished the second one in a much neater fashion than the first. I am trying to master the Kitchener stitch for finishing the toe and to a n0n-knitter it isn’t coming easily.  

Anyway, here there are complete with feet:


This sock thing is addictive but am now having a go at a scarf mainly because I have an urge to use this particular yarn I stumbled across which comes in such lovely arrays of colour. It is great fun watching the different areas of colour unfold as the scarf grows. The yarn is Monsoon by James C Brett and the pattern is Leafy Sea Dragon and is available on Ravelry. Here is progress so far:

sea dragon


About plymouthmaid

Oooh how to decide what are the most important things to say about me? That is hard. Is it what I do for a living? (Teacher of Maths, English and ICT). Is is my age? (nearly 50 boo hoo). Is it my family? (2 grown up lovely girls, an other half, Marley the daft spaniel and the rest of the family to numerous to mention). Is it my many hobbies? (patchwork and quilting, crochet, beading, gardening, cooking, poker, walking, digital scrapbooking, computer forums). You can be the judge as I don't know where this blog will lead as I am totally new to the blogging world but wanted somewhere to post some recipes I am developing..

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