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Oooh Flapjacks… and soup


What do you make when the cupboards are almost bare but your household needs a comforting sweet fix?


My ‘go-to’ bake has to be flapjacks as I always have the ingredients to hand: golden syrup, butter or spread and of course oats. Extra bits are great too depending on what is available.  A nice combination recently was date, walnut and cinnamon. All I could find in my poverty-stricken larder today was a handful of raisins, a few walnuts and some stem ginger but what is not to like about that mixture?  I normally get sixteen squares from one cheap small packet of oats, third of a tin of syrup and around a third of an olive spread tub. Don’t you love my accurate measurements?  To be honest it is hard to go wrong but here are some basic instructions:

Basic Flapjacks

  1. Melt syrup and spread together gently in a large pan.
  2. When melted stir in oats and any other things like nuts, cherries, raisins etc gradually allowing them get moist, keep going until your oats will not mix into the liquid or you run out of oats.
  3. Tip into a shallow greased pan and push oats down firmly with the back of a spoon.
  4. Bake for around 10-12 mins in a medium hot oven (around 180-200).
  5. Let cool for a minute or two the slice into squares while still warm but do not remove from pan until cold.

These keep for a week if boxed up (and hidden from the family!)

… and soup

For this week’s work lunches it had to be carrot and coriander soup as it is so simple and cheap. One onion, bag of carrots, garlic, fresh and ground coriander, spoonful of stock powder and some black pepper. Cook and whizz. Sorted!




Loving the loom


I am really getting into this knitting loom malarky!

Last weekend I completed my second pair of socks and they are getting better – I only dropped one stitch and I definitely finished the second one in a much neater fashion than the first. I am trying to master the Kitchener stitch for finishing the toe and to a n0n-knitter it isn’t coming easily.  

Anyway, here there are complete with feet:


This sock thing is addictive but am now having a go at a scarf mainly because I have an urge to use this particular yarn I stumbled across which comes in such lovely arrays of colour. It is great fun watching the different areas of colour unfold as the scarf grows. The yarn is Monsoon by James C Brett and the pattern is Leafy Sea Dragon and is available on Ravelry. Here is progress so far:

sea dragon

One sock – thank goodness I am not an octopus


I have completed one sock. I am proud of my one sock despite its various imperfections. It is my first sock and imperfections are to be expected. Nevertheless, it is a much loved sock. I am now working on a companion for ‘first sock’ and am very glad that I only have two feet (which is actually more then the average number of feet on a human you know, think about it!). Here it is:


sock glorious sock


I have also completed the very bright small blanket I made for no reason other than a) I liked the block and b) I had some very loud but nice yarn from the John Lewis sale:




I think I mentioned it in a previous post but just in case, the block is Firenze by Julie Yeager and you can find it via the Ravelry website.


Marmalade Magic and Monster Cookies



marmalade makings

marmalade makings

I have some time off work this week so have had time to do lovely things like marmalade making. These ingredients became 4 1/2 jars of gorgeous mellow orange-whisky marmalade.


This should keep our toast covered for the rest of the year!

Monster Coookies

The trickiest part of this recipe was keeping people’s paws off of the M & Ms and salted peanuts whilst waiting for the peanut butter supplies to be replenished.Not for the faint-hearted, these beasties are fattening and sweet but pretty nice. The recipe came from the following website: having been recommended to me as a way of using up an overabundance of oat bran. It actually uses very little of the dratted stuff so any ideas would be appreciated. They are nicer than they look but all the nuts, choc and sweets seem to be hiding inside.

Bet you can't eat two!



…. and I think Spring is nearly here 🙂