Monthly Archives: March 2013

Where is Spring??


It is still so very cold and wintery here despite the fact that the first day of Spring has been and gone. I am still very much in winter mode in terms of cooking and crafting. The allotment is being a little neglected as it has rained for the past two weekends but my indoor seedlings don’t seem to understand that they need to slow down a little as they cannot go to their summer homes for a few weeks yet.

I have a new craft toy and have (unsurprisingly) become a little obsessed. It is an adjustable sock loom and will hopefully with a little luck and, an insane amount of time, actually make wearable socks. I was thrilled to see the first part of sock number one peeking from the bottom of the loom after only about 6 hours work and am now, oh the great exceitement, about to commence the toe area. What a labour of love these will be. Maybe I will speed up with practice. I have got some gorgeous colours of sock yarn to play with all lined up and waiting.


we wanna be socks

I have also made some rather eyeball startling crochet squares in shades of neon orange and lime (Why? because these colours were in the sale of course). It is a great pattern to crochet  and available from the designer (Julie Yeager) via the Ravelry website. The block is called Firenze. I am now pondering how to join them as there are pros and cons with every possible method.

firenze blocks

I have been a little bad and have rather a lot of projects on the go at once now although one is intended to be a long term scrap blanket so probably not aiming to complete for a couple of years.  As most of my projects seem to be reasonably long in terms of time,, I needed a quick bit of completed project satisfaction so made this little crochet owl yesterday afternoon, He only takes a little bit of scrap wool and some stuffing and not much time, The pattern comes from a lovely colourful blog with good tutorial pictures called Bunny Mummy. She also has an Easter bunny pattern which is rather sweet. Here he is in a  rather lop sided photo:

crochet owl

I almost had some baking to share with you today but unfortunately some member of my family has eaten more peanut butter than I realised  and so I was missing a crucial ingredient for my monster cookies which were going to be an Easter Treat. Never mind, that is about 600 calories saved 🙂