Crochet blanket addiction 2


As mentioned already, I have been finishing things. Here are a few more pictures and notes just in case you haven’t seen enough crochet blankets yet.

This the ‘Rather Pink’ Ripple blanket using the same pattern as the one I showed you previously.


This a smaller cot sized blanket made from two different squares – I am not quite sure what I will do with this one yet but it was nice to make. I used cotton yarn for this one. I think it will lay flatter after washing and blocking but I love the patterns in the squares and think I will use them again.


Here is one for a laugh – it is not to everybody’s taste I admit (or mine really) but it was one of the first things I made when I rediscovered crochet a couple of years ago so was good practice. I am not keen on the grey and wish I had chosen either black or cream now but too late! It is also acrylic and unfortunately (and expensively)I have become a bit of a yarn snob since discovering  merino and other lovely natural fibres.


Last but not least here is my traditional granny square blanket which I am rather fond of even though it is acrylic. I enjoyed making this one and think I may do another sometime soon but I do already have three other projects started which I will blog about shortly when there is a little more to show you.


About plymouthmaid

Oooh how to decide what are the most important things to say about me? That is hard. Is it what I do for a living? (Teacher of Maths, English and ICT). Is is my age? (nearly 50 boo hoo). Is it my family? (2 grown up lovely girls, an other half, Marley the daft spaniel and the rest of the family to numerous to mention). Is it my many hobbies? (patchwork and quilting, crochet, beading, gardening, cooking, poker, walking, digital scrapbooking, computer forums). You can be the judge as I don't know where this blog will lead as I am totally new to the blogging world but wanted somewhere to post some recipes I am developing..

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