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Sunday Quilt thoughts


I have retrieved all the photos of my previous quilts from the old computer this morning. They bring back a lot memories of the time I made them and the reason for their existence and also the much loved people they were made for.  I find patchwork a wonderfully distracting activity and so over the years when there have been times in my life when things have been a little dark or out of my control, I have found myself heavily involved with little scraps of colour which reform to make beautiful quilts and hangings.  I was browsing some other blogs recently and one was discussing the therapeutic effect of crochet and its benefits for those suffering from depression. I think this is very true and probably applies to all of the creative arts.

I thought I would begin to share some of my past quilty efforts this week.  

London Quilt

This is one of my all time favourites and it is also the one which took me the longest period of time to make as I only ever worked on the piecing when I was visiting the family home in Essex and so it was entirely hand stitched and hand quilted. It is one of my favourite patterns too. Looking at it always takes me back to the house where I grew up and the evenings with the family and the dog where I would work on my patches while my then young daughters enjoyed lots of grandparent time.  This was the first piece which I actually quilted fully and learning to hand quilt was very satisfying even though my poor fingers felt like pin cushions.The quilt has brightened my living room wall now for more than ten years and although people have asked me what I would sell it for, to me it is priceless.

Mariner Compass (London Quilt)


Crochet blanket addiction 2


As mentioned already, I have been finishing things. Here are a few more pictures and notes just in case you haven’t seen enough crochet blankets yet.

This the ‘Rather Pink’ Ripple blanket using the same pattern as the one I showed you previously.


This a smaller cot sized blanket made from two different squares – I am not quite sure what I will do with this one yet but it was nice to make. I used cotton yarn for this one. I think it will lay flatter after washing and blocking but I love the patterns in the squares and think I will use them again.


Here is one for a laugh – it is not to everybody’s taste I admit (or mine really) but it was one of the first things I made when I rediscovered crochet a couple of years ago so was good practice. I am not keen on the grey and wish I had chosen either black or cream now but too late! It is also acrylic and unfortunately (and expensively)I have become a bit of a yarn snob since discovering  merino and other lovely natural fibres.


Last but not least here is my traditional granny square blanket which I am rather fond of even though it is acrylic. I enjoyed making this one and think I may do another sometime soon but I do already have three other projects started which I will blog about shortly when there is a little more to show you.

Crochet blanket addiction 1


I have rekindled my crochet interests recently. This was partly because I spent most of the past two years quilting and need a bit of a change. Also crochet lends itself so well to snuggling on the sofa, all warm and woolly rather than being holed up on my own with the sewing machine. There are some gorgeous patterns around now and I spent hours trawling through Ravelry last week so now have enough projects in mind for  a lifetime.  I have taken a lot of pictures in the past few days of the projects I have finally completed in the past weeks since Christmas  – I had a lot of UFO’s to tackle (Unfinished Objects) and it is nice to see them completed and allows me to start new things without being riddled with guilt. I do like to have a least three things on the go at one though as it stops boredom setting in.

Here is my favourite finished project which I think I mentioned before. It is based on the Easy Ripple Blanket pattern from Lucy at Attic24 and the small flowers are also from her pattern pages so thanks to Lucy for the inspiration 🙂

I used some gorgeous wool for this one (Sublime Merino) which was lovely to work with. It is a riot of colour but that’s they way I like them, all over-the-top and exuberant. It is a small single bed kind of size which is perfect for a winter sofa throw. There a few colours in there which I am not so keen on but they needed to be used up too. I added the little flowers partly to mask the lilac colour I used early on in the project because as it grew I decided that I didn’t like it much.