Biscotti production


Well we are almost at the end of 2012. I feel rather uninspired at present and I don’t think the shocking weather is helping much as we are holed up indoors way too much to be good for us. Anyway I haven’t done a great deal on the cooking or crafting front this month but thought I would tell you about my home made biscotti which I gave as presents this year. I found so many recipes on the net it was hard to know which to pick so I mixed and matched a bit. My first batch came out a little too chunky as I used the wrong knife and couldn’t get them thin enough without crumbling. They were also too brown as I think the oven needed to be lower so I could dry them out more slowly. By the third batch (ginger biscotti) I had it sussed. I will be making these again throughout  the coming year. I haven’t given you a recipe as there are so many on the net. In the end I made double ginger biscotti, almond biscotti, date and walnut biscotti and apricot amaretto biscotti. They make nice gifts as they keep a few weeks unlike most Christmas gift bakes.



About plymouthmaid

Oooh how to decide what are the most important things to say about me? That is hard. Is it what I do for a living? (Teacher of Maths, English and ICT). Is is my age? (nearly 50 boo hoo). Is it my family? (2 grown up lovely girls, an other half, Marley the daft spaniel and the rest of the family to numerous to mention). Is it my many hobbies? (patchwork and quilting, crochet, beading, gardening, cooking, poker, walking, digital scrapbooking, computer forums). You can be the judge as I don't know where this blog will lead as I am totally new to the blogging world but wanted somewhere to post some recipes I am developing..

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  1. I’ve been thinking about making biscotti, but haven’t gotten around to actually doing it. While at the beginning you say you’re feeling a bit uninspired at the moment due to the weather (I was too…Germany’s pretty dreary right now), you inspired me to stop thinking and start doing. Thanks so much for sharing!

    – Jonathan I

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